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Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

The first thing you should do if you think you may be affected by the issues raised on this site is contact us – but of course we would say that!

We are certainly not trying to make light of what is a very serious situation but we have spoken to clients in the past who have been worried for months about the position they find themselves in. They have endured considerable stress and anxiety during this period and have gone through it all on their own. We do not claim to have a magic wand that can rectify the situation immediately but time and time again clients tell us that after speaking to us, they feel that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they finally feel that they are doing something positive to get their lives back on track.

Hopefully, after discussing the circumstances with you and investigating your case, we will be able to give you the best possible news – that we can’t help you. As we’ve said repeatedly, thousands of hip replacements are carried out every single year in the UK and only a small, ever decreasing percentage of these procedures use metal on metal implants. For those who do have metal on metal implants, contacting us is the first step to getting the situation resolved and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

When you contact us, we will talk you through every stage of the legal process. Although not essential it would be useful if you have the following information to hand:

Contact us now to discuss your situation free of charge and without obligation.

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